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Pristine Satellite Launches

Having supported our client through the bid phase, XCAM were successful in winning an ESA contract to produce a PFO Monitor for launch on a VEGA C launch vehicle. 

We are now supporting XCAM on the design and mechanical analysis of the PFO Monitor to ensure that it can withstand the severe shock and vibration loads during the launch phase.

As this is the first ESA project of this scale, that XCAM have undertaken, we are proud to be supporting at such a critical stage.  We've loved working with XCAM, and look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.



A Return to the Moon

With heritage going back to Rosetta we were delighted, not only to be given the opportunity to develop the ITMS (a key part of the Open University's Ptolemy instrument), but to support the entire mechanical function; from design, analysis, testing and interface/supplier management.  This has meant working with ESA, RAL Space and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center on behalf of our client, the Open University.

Having sucessfully passed CDR, we subsequently supported the vibration testing of the ITMS, which involved further collaborative efforts with RAL Space and NASA.  The ITMS, which is part of a sophisticated instrument package, has now been delivered to NASA and is ready to launch.  The expected launch date is the end of 2023.



In Search of Water on the Moon

Expanding on the work done on the ITMS, we were given the opportunity to increase our support to the Open University on another prestigious Luna programme, where we are providing a full suite of engineering services, from design, mechanical and thermal analysis, testing, interface/supplier management and integration.

For this mission, we are supporting the development of ProSPA, a miniature scientific laboratory, which will be part of ESA’s PROSPECT package and a payload on a forthcoming NASA-led Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) mission.

ProSPA is an incredibly complex instrument and a collaborative effort with ESA, Leonardo, Airbus, RAL Space, the Max Plank Institute, DIAL and several other suppliers.  DASTEC Consulting are delighted to be central to the OU's engineering function, helping to coordinate and integrate all stakeholders, whilst supporting the mechanical/thermal design, analysis and testing.




DASTEC Consulting continues to support XCAM and the Open University on TreeView, a transformative program which seeks to provide the most detailed mapping and monitoring of our tree lines ever.

For this short study DASTEC Consulting has supported XCAM by carrying out a preliminary structural analysis of their imaging system.  We have also supported the Open University by offering technical guidance and analysis methodolgy for their telescope system, on the run up to PDR.

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