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DASTEC Consulting's goal is simple; to offer a tailored, highly competitive service that adds real value to your business.

At DASTEC Consulting, we understand that high quality analysis services are essential but not always feasible, especially when considering traditional contract houses.  Aerospace standard software e.g. MSC Nastran/Patran, can be costly and project schedules aren't often conducive to having a full-time analyst in-house. 

Conversely, resource planning may show a temporary requirement for an additional analyst, but this may also be difficult to resource efficiently.

If this sounds familiar, we'd love to hear from you.


DASTEC's director, Darren, has 20 years experience working in the aerospace and defence industries as a mechanical design and stress engineer. During that time he has worked on high profile space projects such as Beagle 2, Rosetta, SWARM and ExoMars in addition to commercial telecomms satellites.

In terms of aircraft, Darren has worked on the C Series and A350 primary structures.  More latterly his experience has covered cabin interior structures both for Airbus and also a major UK based galley supplier, where he was awarded Airbus Signature Delegation, AP1020.

Darren has subsequently worked as a consultant for the department of Planetary & Space Sciences (The Open University) and is currently working with XCAM Ltd to help grow and strengthen their analysis capabiltiy.

​A common theme with both consultancies has been his passion to provide flexible, cost effective, specialist support where a larger consultancy would have been cost prohibitive.

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Justin is an associate engineer of DASTEC-Consulating and has over 10 years in the aerospace industry. Working on programs for companies such as Airbus, Bombardier, Westland Helicopter as well as the Bloodhound SSC project, has led him to work in America, Canada and the Philippines.

Justin's primary roles have involved static strength analysis of both metallic and componsite structures using FE analysis and classical methods to achieve weight saved efficient structures.  Justin also has experince with testing at coupon, component and assembly levels.


Syed Husnain has a wealth of thermal engineering experience covering industries such as Space, Air Vehicles, Gas Turbines and Defence. He has experience in wide range of roles; analytical, engineering, testing, architecture, management and team leadership.

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